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- Playing with a controller is highly recommended! - 

Binky's X-Mas Hunt 2

It's winter in Catvillage. Every year, Binky and his brother Cubey go hunting to stock up on food for the villagers. They celebrate the end of the year by having a big feast. But this year, someone stole their food supply!  

It's up to Binky and Cubey to find out who stole their food and hunt for more food on their way. 

I made this shareware title to celebrate Christmas! 

- Loveletter to 90s platformers 

- 7 levels + 2 boss stages 

- Handdrawn cutscenes 

- Colourful graphics 

- Grooovy soundtrack (made with synthesizers from the early to mid-90s) 

- Lots of secrets 

Default Controls: 

Z - Jump

X - Throw Snowball / Move Pushable Objects 

Arrow Keys - Move 

Down Key - Grab snow from the ground 

F4 - Switch to fullscreen or windowed mode 

Xbox Joystick Controls (cannot be changed at the moment): 

Analog Stick or D-Pad - Move (down = grab snow from the ground)

A - Jump 

X - Throw Snowball / Move Pushable Objects 

To disable or enable joystick controls, press F3. If you don't have an X-Box controller, use a program such as joy2key. This setting saves with the keyboard input prompt. 

Lag issue: If the game starts lagging, try switching to windowed mode or fullscreen mode and back 

Special Thanks! 

To Maaike Moens, for composing the music for the level 'The Lake' 

To Pieter van Vleuten, for performing the guitar solo on the music for the level 'Cat Village' 

To Manuel Trabucco for playing the sax 

Sounds from Best-Service, Stockmusic and some other sources 

Backgrounds were made using ArtBreeder 

This game is completely free! You're welcome to share it, but you're not allowed to sell it for money. 

If you like this game, consider donating a dollar :) 

Version 1.01 update: 

-Made the walljumping easier for keyboard users, now it's not required to hold the direction of the wall 

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(2 total ratings)
Tags1990s, 2D, 90s, Christmas, collecting, free, Pixel Art, x-mas, xmas2021


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Holy mess...I beat it...that santa cat...I BEAT HIM....oh my goodness lol....xD


Yes! You did it, congratulations! 


I had a lot of fun yesterday checking out your game! Thank you Lorenzo!


That stream made my day! 


Very good game...Good graphics and sound. Wall jumping was a little difficult for me...character seemed to slide down a little too fast...but I was able to get past it with a lot of tries.


Yeah. I felt the wall jumping could have some improvement a bit, The Flood was giving me issues because of it and i felt the flood gets a bit too fast making it a endurance round. 

How ever, i love the game. :D 


Thanks a lot! Yes, the walljumping takes some getting used to. Are you using a controller? 

No...Keyboard...but I'll try to see if a controller is easier...


I switched over to a controller and that seemed to handle much better! The water rising level had me in a bind until I did that haha

I admit, i don't have a controller for it. 

I doubt my ps4 one would worked in this case.

Maybe try disabling the built-in controller support by pressing F3 and then using a program like Joy2Key to bind the keypresses to the buttons of your PS4 controller.  


This was a very fun game to play through,  if you like hard and yet fun platformers it definitely for you. 

My friend really work hard on this one, he also did the music in this too. Which sounds very good too. 


Thanks Mikan, I'm glad you like it! Merry Christmas 


This game was a friggen delight and dont think i am done with this game just because i did a few levels =P i moved on because i did this in a 3 games 1 video thing and plan on coming back to it and finishing the game, was adorable and such a delight! loved the controls, the art style, the feel everything! Keep up the amazing work and will also post the rest of my gameplay once I have done it (will be very soon). Left a follow and look forward to more! your game starts around 8:16 in the video!

Thank you very much Grimbag! I really appreciate it :)